Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Ok, so here we go!
A while ago I asked you what would be your most wanted piece of gym gear and I said on this blog how surprised I was that it was 'socks'!
The most wanted item has changed a bit since then, it is no longer the Tshirts, which are now just about equal number 2 with socks. But socks are still as popular!!!!
So here we are: my used white socks are up for private auction.
What does this mean and how does it work? Easy:
- Send me an email with the subject: GYM GEAR (SOCKS) $ 00
(where 00 stands for your highest bid) BEFORE SUN 1 FEBRUARY 10 PM GMT
I will notify the highest bidder by email by the end of Monday 2nd and I will put the socks in the post as soon as I receive the payment on my Paypal ( PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO EBAY UNTIL I HAVE CONFIRMED YOU ARE THE HIGHEST BIDDER. Due to high volume of emails I cannot guarantee that I will be able to inform bidders that they have been outbid, so I guess you should decide what is your real highest offer before you email me.
I accept any offers but I hope you understand that I will not bother posting some smelly socks that I've been wearing for 3 days at the gym (as some of you have requested!) for just a few bucks. Surely the extra effort deserves a generous donation!
And to make this first pvt bid extra special, if the winning bid exceed my expectations I will throw in a short personalized video wearing those socks just before I post them to you.
Best of luck!
*Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*

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wwemt said...

Hey Man, you should do some more calves and hams flexing and maybe shave the muscles, I think they look better shaved, more like a bodybuilder. Your legs also have awesome veins and they will show better. Awesome muscle for sure.