Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Hey to all my members on website

new website has got me keen to show you some flexing all oiled up!

here are some snapshots from the vid....



NEW WEBSITE UP AND RUNNING! www.adam400m.com

Hey everyone!
You probably thought this would never happen, but yes, I finally got round to putting together a dedicated website, which should be your one-stop muscle shop for all things Adam-related :-)


The website was supposed to launch tomorrow 1 July 2009, but, to my surprise, quite a few of you already joined the trial version while I was testing it this week, so, hey, welcome everyone!

I guess you will know by now what to expect from my videos, but the good news is that I will go a bit further on videos posted in the new site. The other novelty is that I am now shooting quite a few workout videos and these will all go exclusively on the site (some are already up and running!). You will also get the following:

- An archive of ALL my youtube videos, public and private
- New workout and flexing videos every week
- LIVE CHAT for members 3 times a week (times will be announced on this blog soon)
- PICTURE albums of old and new pictures (regularly updated)
- PRIORITY Bidding on all my workout gear for sale on the STORE (customized by request)
- FAN FORUM where you can discuss videos, give me ideas and suggestions for new ones (what should I wear, which body part you want me to feature each week, poses and so on)
- BLOG with regularly updated

- As a special launch offer, all members will get priority booking of private cam shows and either a 10% discount or a 10% extra time per show until the end of August.

The other good news is that all of this is CHEAPER than the old $20 subscription to my private videos. For $17.99 you can join for a month, or you can get a 15% discount if you sign up for 3 months ($45.99) and a 25% discount if you join for 6 months ($79.99). For now I am committing myself to this until the end of the year and, depending on how many of you are members by December, I may or may not continue with it, so join while I am offering all this!

I am really excited about this and I look forward to seeing you and interacting with you there!
Cheers and thanks again for all your support.

Friday, 26 June 2009

paypal is now available again!

Hey everyone,

Just set up a new paypal account:)

So anyone wanting shows through yahoo,msn ect.. can just pay via paypal from now on!

new paypal payment address is titanajc400@hotmail.com

Monday, 15 June 2009

NO MORE PAYPAL - for now

Dear fans,
At times like this I really appreciate your support and the positive feedback, number of hits on my youtube videos etc really cheer me up. I had some unexpected news today. My paypal account has been blocked. I am in the process of investigating this because the reasons they give are inacurate. As all my fans know, I explicitly say that I do not do any nudity in my shows or videos, nor do I do anything remotely sexual. If some people find flexing offensive, then they should not be booking shows with a body builder!
It is really important for me to emphasize to you all that I AM CURRENTLY UNABLE TO RECEIVE ANY DONATIONS VIA PAYPAL so please do not send any. By happy coincidence, I am in the final stages of preparing an amazing dedicated website which will include all my public and private videos, exclusive pictures and the possibility to buy customised gym/videos gear as well as cam shows for all subscribers. I want to make sure that the design is right and that everything runs smoothly before I launch it, so please be patient, but the countdown has started... Incidentally, if you find any website to my name right now, please ignore it until I announce it. It has been brought to my attention that traces of previous drafts are still 'live' and searchable, but there is no content there, so please ignore that for now.

More on this very soon. For now, if you want a show please get in touch. I may be able to do this via amazon wishlist, for example.

Thank you again for your continuing support. I will make it worth your while, I promise. Now back to the gym!

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Hey everyone,thought i would let you know that i've just set up my own twitter account:)

my username is Adam400m

I'm trying to figure out how to link my twitter to this blog.. For some reason link code is not working,i'll get this sorted asap!