Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I said special items would go up on Ebay... and it does not get any more special than this. A very personal piece of sports gear with genuine personal memories attached to it: I used it to compete some years ago and I have been wearing it to the gym ever since. I hope it is as much a source of inspiration for you as they have been for me. They fit tightly and reassuringly around the leg. Really comfortable, hard-wearing stuff.
The starting bid is a bit higher than usual, but I've decided that if they did not make at least that much they would not be worth selling. Too late to change my mind now...

*Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*


Ok, so here we go!
A while ago I asked you what would be your most wanted piece of gym gear and I said on this blog how surprised I was that it was 'socks'!
The most wanted item has changed a bit since then, it is no longer the Tshirts, which are now just about equal number 2 with socks. But socks are still as popular!!!!
So here we are: my used white socks are up for private auction.
What does this mean and how does it work? Easy:
- Send me an email with the subject: GYM GEAR (SOCKS) $ 00
(where 00 stands for your highest bid) BEFORE SUN 1 FEBRUARY 10 PM GMT
I will notify the highest bidder by email by the end of Monday 2nd and I will put the socks in the post as soon as I receive the payment on my Paypal ( PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO EBAY UNTIL I HAVE CONFIRMED YOU ARE THE HIGHEST BIDDER. Due to high volume of emails I cannot guarantee that I will be able to inform bidders that they have been outbid, so I guess you should decide what is your real highest offer before you email me.
I accept any offers but I hope you understand that I will not bother posting some smelly socks that I've been wearing for 3 days at the gym (as some of you have requested!) for just a few bucks. Surely the extra effort deserves a generous donation!
And to make this first pvt bid extra special, if the winning bid exceed my expectations I will throw in a short personalized video wearing those socks just before I post them to you.
Best of luck!
*Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*

Monday, 26 January 2009

Latest videos and update

Hey, here I am again. I am trying to write a blog entry everytime I publish a video but I was too exhausted on Sunday after an extra hard workout and trying to reply to all your messages and requests. 
I know it sounds repetitive, but I am grateful for your moral support and donations, I bear you in mind when I'm lifting! ... and if you don't get tired of posting extremely nice comments on youtube, I won't get tired of thanking you for it!

Thank you also for following the instructions on previous blog entry (below) and 'labelling' email requests in a way that helps me process them quickly. For those of you waiting for a private show or a customized video: I am not ignoring you guys, I am just prioritizing my regular fans and trying to keep a balance between my life (I do have one!), the gym (still my top priority) and this. I will get to all requests eventually I promise :-)

Now, there are a few things pending, so here is what's coming up:
- Lots and lots of you have been requesting gym gear. As I promised, I will be selling some items on private auctions starting this week with my used WHITE SOCKS (featured on this video) and two more Ebay items: the lycra SHORTS and the 'famous' VEST. I say 'famous' because so many of you have been asking for it and I had no intention of selling it. As you have noticed, I tend to play around with it quite a lot and so many people have said it suits me... but, what the hell, I'm saving for my website and so I've decided to sell all three items featured in my latest videos (public part embedded here). To answer some of your questions:

- Do they smell? well, to put it mildly THEY DO :-) I've worn all three quite a lot recently... as you will have noticed from recent public and private videos...

- Do I wear anything under the shorts? Well, that question is a bit naughty but I guess the video answers it quite well [or was it in the private section?] ;-)

Keep an eye on this blog in the next day or two for upcoming private and Ebay bids, these are next on my list, I promise.

As for the picture illustrating this post: never thought that some of you would be asking for photos as well as videos, but you seem to like them a lot, so I've been taking quite a few recently for my forthcoming website. I chose this one because I shared it with a fan recently and he thought it was cool.

And before I go: I am particularly glad that some of you find my results an inspiration to go back to the gym or to work harder. Staying focused and in shape is my main objective and it makes me happy to motivate other people to do the same. Keep it up!
Speak soon guys

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Emails, donations and thanks!

WOW! It has been a very busy week and I am grateful for all your emails, feedback, donations and general support. Since my last post I have received an overwhelming amount of emails (over 3000!) and the main purpose of this post is to say thanks but also to ask you to please keep the emails for requests that require my response and use the comments facility on youtube or here for comments. Please do not take this the wrong way, the feedback is really encouraging, but some important emails are getting lost in the midst of 'feedback' and 'comments' type of messages and at this stage the capacity of my email account will be exceeded if I do not delete lots of messages everyday.

I am using this post to reply to some of your questions:
1) A lot of emails were asking for clarification of how to join my private video section on youtube, so here is a step by step guide:
- Please note that by adding me as a friend on youtube you do not automatically get access to private videos, I need to add you to a list of people I am sharing videos with. I need to do this video by video and it can take me up to 2 days to add you after you make the donation, so please be patient.
- If you want to access my private videos, please send a $20 donation via paypal (
- Please DO send me a message with the subject PRIVATE VIDEOS via youtube so that I get your youtube account name.
- As soon as I get the donation and message I will add you to the list of people I am sharing private videos with
- You will receive a message on your youtube inbox under the 'shared with you' section, you can go there and access the videos one by one.

2) A lot of other emails were asking me how much they should donate for various things and whether I offer 'special packs' that include, for example, access to private videos, cam shows and a customized video. Here is a summary (all donations are in American Dollars):
- As mentioned above, access to private videos for a month is $20
- Customized videos are negotiable depending on what you request, length, etc, but a 10-min personalised flexing video (that only you will have access to) is $50
- My rate for cam shows is $4 per minute (minimum 10 mins)
- I will be also selling some customized gym gear. Donations for those will be negotiable depending on item and whether you buy just the item or cam time too, for example.
Some of the most popular items will go on Ebay (I will announce those here in my blog).
I am also happy to sell privately some items. Just email me to let me know what item you are interested in and how much you would be happy to donate for it.

3) Discounts and offers:
- For people wanting access to private youtube videos/archive and a customized video there is a 50% discount on the youtube video access ($10 instead of $20).
- Add either cam show or gym gear and the customized video is 50% cheaper.
- For those of you wanting all four (youtube, customized video, gym gear and cam show) there is a free 10-min cam show wearing the gym item that you wish to buy.
- As some of you know, I give 10 mins free extra time on cam for people booking 60 mins of live shows (to be divided up into a max of four 15- to 20 min. shows - including free time).

4) Finally, I would be so grateful if you made my life easier by stating very clearly and in capitals what is the nature of your request on the subject of your emails, for example:
- GYM GEAR (followed by item, for example SOCKS)

I am sorry if this sounds too business-like, but I am hoping that this message is helpful solving some of the many queries that I have had in the last few days. I really cannot thank you enough for all your encouraging comments, feedback and praise. Do I like it? Yes, I love it. Does it motivate me to keep working out. Absolutely :-)

Oh! and yes, the new private videos on youtube are a bit more intimate than the public ones, but let me make it clear that I do absolutely no frontal nudity and I am certainly NOT planning to post any videos on xtube. Nice try, though ;-)

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Thank you once again for all your messages of support and to those of you who have been bidding on my gym gear and booking private cam shows. Your help has been a real encouragement and I am working hard to give you something back.

It was never my intention nor motivation for my youtube channel to become a source of income. However, as many of you have pointed out on comments and private messages, I cannot continue to produce lots of material free for the whole world to see when I could be rewarded with small donations for my hard work that will help me pay for the gym membership and new gym gear.

Don't worry, I still intend to showcase my flexing and progress on youtube regularly and for free. However, for those of you real fans out there who want to follow me more closely I am in the process of creating a website that will feature an archive of my videos
and photos, extended versions of new youtube videos, regular live cam shows and chats and the possibility to buy my gym gear amongst other exciting things. This will cost me some money so, in the meantime, I will be accepting donations of $20 for access to the private archive of my youtube videos (currently 20). To welcome members to my private youtube videos I have just posted a new 5-min flexing video giving a tour of every major muscle of my body. It ends with me on posing briefs, something that you have been requesting (as in picture).

If interested, please send a $20 donation to my paypal account ( and include a short message with your youtube channel address. I will include you on my list of friends with access to private material and you can then watch and download my old videos and also access extended versions of any new ones for the next month.

A lot of you have also been asking for private customized videos. Depending on your requests (no nudity, for example), we can negotiate a price for a 5 to 10-min clip that only you will have access to. Everyone ordering a private video will also get a 50% discount on the access to private video archive (which will cost $10 instead of the usual $20). This temporary membership will also give you a 10% discount private shows and access to private auctions of some of my items amongst youtube friends only.

I am using this temporary arrangement on youtube to explore demand for a proper website. Depending on the number of donations I will decide whether or not to go ahead with the proper commercial site.
For now thanks again for your support and keep checking this blog for updates
xxx Adam :-)

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Hi guys and thank you so much for all the messages that you have sent following my previous post about auctioning gym gear. I really did not expect this volume of emails and hence I am posting this on my blog as opposed to replying to each message individually. I hope you understand.

It has been really interesting for me to know the kind of stuff you are interested in. It turns out that the most popular item are the used tshirts. Just as well because I have a few to get rid of and I will make a point of auctioning the tshirts that I wear on my youtube videos from now on.
Keep an eye on my youtube channel (adam400m) and find links to ebay on this blog. 

The third most wanted item seems to be gym shorts. These may be a bit trickier because I tend to use them as nightwear and then at the gym and, as with the tshirts, I soak them and go through at least two per workout. This means that I need a lot of shorts and I have far less than tshirts. 
However, you have persuaded me and I am selling the NIKE shorts I wore on my youtube video today (15 Jan - embedded below and scroll down for picture and link to ebay).

As for the second most requested item, gosh, I was surprised, but a lot of you seem to want my used socks! I didn't expect that people bought second-hand socks. I warn you that they are REALLY worn and are a bit stinky, so they may require a 90 degree wash before you can wear them. However, in view of demand, I may be selling some of those too in the near future, keep an eye on this blog for announcements. For now, I am selling the shorts and also my old training gloves, also worn on the video today (pics below). 

*Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*

*Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*
Cheers and thank you for your support, your emails and comments are a real motivation to keep getting bigger! Adam

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Own my blue tshirt!

A lot of you have asked to buy some of my gym wear. Due to this overwhelming demand and the fact that I am trying to update my gym gear with new stuff I will be auctioning some items on ebay in the coming weeks, starting with the ripped tshirt I wore on my latest youtube videos ( – see videos on 8th and 11th January 2009.

I will be wearing it for the last time for a hard workout this week and then it can be yours to keep. Sorry guys but, since I won’t wear it after that I won’t bother washing it before I send it. Hope you don’t mind.
If you have in mind any other gym items that you would be willing to bid for or buy from me please let me know. I am only selling used stuff, but they will all be perfectly usable once washed. *Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Monday, 5 January 2009

here are some detailed pictures of my artwork:)

I posted a video on my youtube a while ago showing my art work.However i think the video doesnt do my work justice ,so i thought you might be interested in having scanned pics to look at:)

Here are some of my favourite drawing so far...









hope you like them!:)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

my pic published in MMensual magazine

Hello everyone,

One of my good freinds Zach Burns had his first set of published pics in French MMensual magazine.

Check out the link below and scroll down to the bottom to see my black & white full page pic