Thursday, 22 January 2009

Emails, donations and thanks!

WOW! It has been a very busy week and I am grateful for all your emails, feedback, donations and general support. Since my last post I have received an overwhelming amount of emails (over 3000!) and the main purpose of this post is to say thanks but also to ask you to please keep the emails for requests that require my response and use the comments facility on youtube or here for comments. Please do not take this the wrong way, the feedback is really encouraging, but some important emails are getting lost in the midst of 'feedback' and 'comments' type of messages and at this stage the capacity of my email account will be exceeded if I do not delete lots of messages everyday.

I am using this post to reply to some of your questions:
1) A lot of emails were asking for clarification of how to join my private video section on youtube, so here is a step by step guide:
- Please note that by adding me as a friend on youtube you do not automatically get access to private videos, I need to add you to a list of people I am sharing videos with. I need to do this video by video and it can take me up to 2 days to add you after you make the donation, so please be patient.
- If you want to access my private videos, please send a $20 donation via paypal (
- Please DO send me a message with the subject PRIVATE VIDEOS via youtube so that I get your youtube account name.
- As soon as I get the donation and message I will add you to the list of people I am sharing private videos with
- You will receive a message on your youtube inbox under the 'shared with you' section, you can go there and access the videos one by one.

2) A lot of other emails were asking me how much they should donate for various things and whether I offer 'special packs' that include, for example, access to private videos, cam shows and a customized video. Here is a summary (all donations are in American Dollars):
- As mentioned above, access to private videos for a month is $20
- Customized videos are negotiable depending on what you request, length, etc, but a 10-min personalised flexing video (that only you will have access to) is $50
- My rate for cam shows is $4 per minute (minimum 10 mins)
- I will be also selling some customized gym gear. Donations for those will be negotiable depending on item and whether you buy just the item or cam time too, for example.
Some of the most popular items will go on Ebay (I will announce those here in my blog).
I am also happy to sell privately some items. Just email me to let me know what item you are interested in and how much you would be happy to donate for it.

3) Discounts and offers:
- For people wanting access to private youtube videos/archive and a customized video there is a 50% discount on the youtube video access ($10 instead of $20).
- Add either cam show or gym gear and the customized video is 50% cheaper.
- For those of you wanting all four (youtube, customized video, gym gear and cam show) there is a free 10-min cam show wearing the gym item that you wish to buy.
- As some of you know, I give 10 mins free extra time on cam for people booking 60 mins of live shows (to be divided up into a max of four 15- to 20 min. shows - including free time).

4) Finally, I would be so grateful if you made my life easier by stating very clearly and in capitals what is the nature of your request on the subject of your emails, for example:
- GYM GEAR (followed by item, for example SOCKS)

I am sorry if this sounds too business-like, but I am hoping that this message is helpful solving some of the many queries that I have had in the last few days. I really cannot thank you enough for all your encouraging comments, feedback and praise. Do I like it? Yes, I love it. Does it motivate me to keep working out. Absolutely :-)

Oh! and yes, the new private videos on youtube are a bit more intimate than the public ones, but let me make it clear that I do absolutely no frontal nudity and I am certainly NOT planning to post any videos on xtube. Nice try, though ;-)

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