Thursday, 15 January 2009


Hi guys and thank you so much for all the messages that you have sent following my previous post about auctioning gym gear. I really did not expect this volume of emails and hence I am posting this on my blog as opposed to replying to each message individually. I hope you understand.

It has been really interesting for me to know the kind of stuff you are interested in. It turns out that the most popular item are the used tshirts. Just as well because I have a few to get rid of and I will make a point of auctioning the tshirts that I wear on my youtube videos from now on.
Keep an eye on my youtube channel (adam400m) and find links to ebay on this blog. 

The third most wanted item seems to be gym shorts. These may be a bit trickier because I tend to use them as nightwear and then at the gym and, as with the tshirts, I soak them and go through at least two per workout. This means that I need a lot of shorts and I have far less than tshirts. 
However, you have persuaded me and I am selling the NIKE shorts I wore on my youtube video today (15 Jan - embedded below and scroll down for picture and link to ebay).

As for the second most requested item, gosh, I was surprised, but a lot of you seem to want my used socks! I didn't expect that people bought second-hand socks. I warn you that they are REALLY worn and are a bit stinky, so they may require a 90 degree wash before you can wear them. However, in view of demand, I may be selling some of those too in the near future, keep an eye on this blog for announcements. For now, I am selling the shorts and also my old training gloves, also worn on the video today (pics below). 

*Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*

*Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*
Cheers and thank you for your support, your emails and comments are a real motivation to keep getting bigger! Adam

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Gordon said...

One thing that all bodybuilders should have but don't is a good way to view themselves from the back when doing back poses. If you can separate the camera from the computer, you could place it at a distance from the screen but aimed, more or less, at the screen, then stand between. I suggest this because I want to see your back straight on, it looks so very great at an angle.