Sunday, 11 January 2009

Own my blue tshirt!

A lot of you have asked to buy some of my gym wear. Due to this overwhelming demand and the fact that I am trying to update my gym gear with new stuff I will be auctioning some items on ebay in the coming weeks, starting with the ripped tshirt I wore on my latest youtube videos ( – see videos on 8th and 11th January 2009.

I will be wearing it for the last time for a hard workout this week and then it can be yours to keep. Sorry guys but, since I won’t wear it after that I won’t bother washing it before I send it. Hope you don’t mind.
If you have in mind any other gym items that you would be willing to bid for or buy from me please let me know. I am only selling used stuff, but they will all be perfectly usable once washed. *Bidding on this item has ended. Thank you*

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gradly said...

Hi Adam, this is the 1st time I write to you and plz switch to wordpress blog engine its much better than blogger ... and I can help you u in that (

I like ur body definition and plz tell us about ur routine exercises & diets ... cuz many ask u & u never reply ... dont be so conceited :)
how old are u ?