Sunday, 18 January 2009


Thank you once again for all your messages of support and to those of you who have been bidding on my gym gear and booking private cam shows. Your help has been a real encouragement and I am working hard to give you something back.

It was never my intention nor motivation for my youtube channel to become a source of income. However, as many of you have pointed out on comments and private messages, I cannot continue to produce lots of material free for the whole world to see when I could be rewarded with small donations for my hard work that will help me pay for the gym membership and new gym gear.

Don't worry, I still intend to showcase my flexing and progress on youtube regularly and for free. However, for those of you real fans out there who want to follow me more closely I am in the process of creating a website that will feature an archive of my videos
and photos, extended versions of new youtube videos, regular live cam shows and chats and the possibility to buy my gym gear amongst other exciting things. This will cost me some money so, in the meantime, I will be accepting donations of $20 for access to the private archive of my youtube videos (currently 20). To welcome members to my private youtube videos I have just posted a new 5-min flexing video giving a tour of every major muscle of my body. It ends with me on posing briefs, something that you have been requesting (as in picture).

If interested, please send a $20 donation to my paypal account ( and include a short message with your youtube channel address. I will include you on my list of friends with access to private material and you can then watch and download my old videos and also access extended versions of any new ones for the next month.

A lot of you have also been asking for private customized videos. Depending on your requests (no nudity, for example), we can negotiate a price for a 5 to 10-min clip that only you will have access to. Everyone ordering a private video will also get a 50% discount on the access to private video archive (which will cost $10 instead of the usual $20). This temporary membership will also give you a 10% discount private shows and access to private auctions of some of my items amongst youtube friends only.

I am using this temporary arrangement on youtube to explore demand for a proper website. Depending on the number of donations I will decide whether or not to go ahead with the proper commercial site.
For now thanks again for your support and keep checking this blog for updates
xxx Adam :-)


Leo said...

Nice pix are you a dad? Nice crib...

Titan AJC(adam400m) said...

@ leo... no i'm not a dad