Monday, 26 January 2009

Latest videos and update

Hey, here I am again. I am trying to write a blog entry everytime I publish a video but I was too exhausted on Sunday after an extra hard workout and trying to reply to all your messages and requests. 
I know it sounds repetitive, but I am grateful for your moral support and donations, I bear you in mind when I'm lifting! ... and if you don't get tired of posting extremely nice comments on youtube, I won't get tired of thanking you for it!

Thank you also for following the instructions on previous blog entry (below) and 'labelling' email requests in a way that helps me process them quickly. For those of you waiting for a private show or a customized video: I am not ignoring you guys, I am just prioritizing my regular fans and trying to keep a balance between my life (I do have one!), the gym (still my top priority) and this. I will get to all requests eventually I promise :-)

Now, there are a few things pending, so here is what's coming up:
- Lots and lots of you have been requesting gym gear. As I promised, I will be selling some items on private auctions starting this week with my used WHITE SOCKS (featured on this video) and two more Ebay items: the lycra SHORTS and the 'famous' VEST. I say 'famous' because so many of you have been asking for it and I had no intention of selling it. As you have noticed, I tend to play around with it quite a lot and so many people have said it suits me... but, what the hell, I'm saving for my website and so I've decided to sell all three items featured in my latest videos (public part embedded here). To answer some of your questions:

- Do they smell? well, to put it mildly THEY DO :-) I've worn all three quite a lot recently... as you will have noticed from recent public and private videos...

- Do I wear anything under the shorts? Well, that question is a bit naughty but I guess the video answers it quite well [or was it in the private section?] ;-)

Keep an eye on this blog in the next day or two for upcoming private and Ebay bids, these are next on my list, I promise.

As for the picture illustrating this post: never thought that some of you would be asking for photos as well as videos, but you seem to like them a lot, so I've been taking quite a few recently for my forthcoming website. I chose this one because I shared it with a fan recently and he thought it was cool.

And before I go: I am particularly glad that some of you find my results an inspiration to go back to the gym or to work harder. Staying focused and in shape is my main objective and it makes me happy to motivate other people to do the same. Keep it up!
Speak soon guys

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