Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Timberland Tshirt

Hey everyone
I must apologize for not posting for a while and also for not offering my grey vest up for sale here or on ebay as I had promised in an older post but I have been very busy training and preparing my website and the truth is that a lot of my stuff gets sold via private requests. For worn gym gear I give priority to my private subscribers in youtube (if interested email and send $20 via paypal to that address for a month's subscription to my private videos - include message with your youtube channel address so that I can add you). The vest and a couple of tshirts that I have worn on my recent videos were gone before I even had a chance to post here. 

I still want to offer everyone the possibility to get some stuff, so I have put aside my blue Timberland Tshirt (see the pic and video that illustrate this entry) and I will offer it to the highest bidder by FRIDAY 27 February 10PM GMT. 
If interested, send a message to by then with the heading TIMBERLAND TSHIRT followed by your highest offer in American dollars (for example TIMBERLAND TSHIRT $60). Due to high volume of emails recently I cannot guarantee that I will read nor respond to every emails, so I'd be grateful if you made your subject headings as clear and detailed as possible. Thank you guys. I will write to the winning bidder by Sat 28th to arrange payment, postage and any details about customizing the Tshirt etc. I know that some of you like me to wear them at the gym first, so I will be using it throughout this week at the gym (except for my circuit training - surely you do not want them *that* stinky :`)

I take this opportunity to reply to some of the most frequently asked questions on some of the emails that I have been unable to reply to. I hope you accept this as a reply:
- If you wish to use my wishlist to donate you can, either by purchasing one of the items (there is a wide range of prices) or by purchasing a gift certificate, which I can then use towards purchasing one of those items. My wish list is here so make me happy ok ;-)
- A LOT of you have been asking me to wear specific items in my videos that you then want to buy off me etc. So many of you have asked me to wear UNDERARMOUR stuff that I just can't keep ignoring it. However, I don't usually wear underarmour at the gym, so if you want me to wear it on videos/at the gym, feel free to either send me funds on paypal so that I can buy them and I will wear it and then sell it at a reasonable price (I will discount whatever you paid for the item itself). You can get an idea of the range and prices of underarmour items here . I would not normally put those on my amazon wishlist because I just don't wear them usually, but I may end up adding some to my wish list just to make this easier. Watch this space.
- No, I don't do this for money. If I did I would accept some of the many requests for hugely commercial websites and other businesses that write to me on a daily basis offering to promote me etc. I do this mainly because it motivates me to keep going at the gym and also to cover some of the many expenses related to training and body-building. Believe me it is not like I'm getting rich by selling a few tshirts!
- Yes, of course it makes me happy that you enjoy my videos. I do read the comments, not every day, but I do catch up sometimes and appreciate them. I just don't tend to reply to them due to lack of time, but the demand for videos and your comments are a huge encouragement for me at the gym. Some comments are a bit much, but I am by no means offended and it pleases me to make you happy.
Thanks again for your support and keep your eyes peeled for website news very soon.

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