Saturday, 29 November 2008

Donations ,live webcams and my wishlist:)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog:)

If you are interested in watching me flex live on cam then my msn messenger is

As you can tell I really enjoy training and sharing my progress with others. It's really motivational and keeps me pushing hard. If you'd like to help me acheive my goals, a donation would be appreciated. It's an expensive hobby!

My paypal is

Here is the link to my Amazon wishlist BELOW

Just want to say thanks to everyone for all the support and encouragment you lot have given me!



The Joe Schmoe Jr said...

Hi Adam love your You Tube videos. You are indeed an inspriation. Please keep working hard to perfect a body that is already very close to perfection.

Kevin in Miami

tobi said...

most of your admirers are men who love muscle. some to watch, while others to touch. do you have any bduonaries you dont want to cross? i would love a muscle worship session with you, i am in london uk too. 25yrs old and train as well. this will be my requirement in getting you things on your wish list. of course i respect your wishes and i do not intend to make you out to be some 'sex toy'.
email me at if you want to discuss this more