Thursday, 23 April 2009

Extended holiday

Hey everyone!
It has been a long, long time since my last entry and my last youtube video. 

Thank you all for all your messages on youtube and on my hotmail account. No, I have not been kidnapped by pirates and no, I have not moved to the US West Coast! You guys have an amazing imagination and some of your emails really made me laugh. I think I owe you an explanation for my silence in the past few weeks, so here it is:

As I announced in my previous post, I went on holiday at the end of last month and I expected to be back home by mid April. I intended to keep in touch via msn and do some cam shows etc, which I did to start with. However, when I got here I realized how badly I had been needing a break, and posting new videos on youtube or doing cam shows was not a proper break. I needed to switch off completely and re-charge my batteries... To keep a long story short, I decided to extend my holiday for a few weeks and to move to accommodation without internet connection! I am still checking my email at regular intervals but not on a daily basis.

I am having a great time here. It is amazing how quickly I got used to spending the day sunbathing and swimming and the evenings at the gym. I have found a great local trainer and I hope you'll agree with me that I have improved my definition during this period. I am going to try and post a short video on youtube in the next few days and hopefully I will have a chance to add a new image to this post really soon. I will be back in early May with lots of new videos, photos and blog entries. I am even considering joining Twitter as a way to keep in touch with you all and let you know when I'm available for cam shows or whenever I post a new video or blog entry. 


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